Aging Gracefully and Real Estate

The number of people who are 65 years or older will double in the next 40 years. Put another way, that means nearly 1 out of every 3 households in the United States will be lead by someone who is 65 or older. With this significant increase comes significant change in the way people live and plan their lives. Real Estate and Home Building industry learned to adapt and offer new options. 

The industry coined a new term – builders and we Realtors talk about not “down”-sizing, but “right”-sizing our homes instead. As we live longer, and happier, lives, after children leave for college, many of us develop new hobbies. Isn’t it amazing – to think that we have another lifetime to fill with joy! Many people choose to move. 

There is also a lot of discussion about “living in place”. Some people won’t think of leaving from their established roots.

Then, there is a new phenomenon of multi-generational families. Often, people will choose to move in with their grown children to care for the grand babies. Sometimes, families form a joined household so the younger people could care for the older ones as their health needs arise.

And sometimes, life throws some really hard and unexpected things our way. I have known many families needing to act under extreme pressure of time to accommodate to their new circumstances.

Having my Mother living with my family for the past 20 years, and the eventual need for her to move to the assisted living facility, taught me a few personal lessons. It is now a journey I can share with the world, and perhaps help some others with planning, make the transition smoother.

I am offering to be a part of your journey, whatever it entails. Interestingly, often people do not even think about options that are out there today.

Did you hear about a new Next-Gen home by Lennar? How about 55+ communities near you? Golfing 55+ communities? No maintenance one-level town homes? City or suburb condos with elevator access on major RTD routes to foster car-free living? Are there any one-level homes in your community? Or perhaps remodeling is on your mind to make the home you love more accommodating and comfortable? Or, you know you need to update your home in order to sell it so you can live your dream, but this just is too big of a project – and so it is getting postponed. Or maybe, you found your dream home, but thought you can’t afford it, and are still dreaming?

All of the above requires consideration and careful planning. It also takes a lot of work and a dedicated team of professionals to accomplish within available time frame.

Center for Conscious Aging partnered with me, because together we can offer more to our audience. There are many aspects of life’s transitions, and a new home decision is just one of the many.

I am here to listen, to present options and ideas that, hopefully, will contribute to making your life – your home – better.

In the link below, I’ll have a curated selection of active real estate listings in a chosen category. Look at it as “exploring options”. I will renew the link at the end of every month, going forward.

Also, please know, if you are done with fun and onto specific project – all you have to do is drop me a line. I also offer a free monthly e-mail subscription to your home value and mortgage update. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much you can save by refinancing, for example?

Today is July 23, 2019. Let’s start this partnership with a bang – we are in Denver today, so – new easy city digs, anyone?

Denver Condos, No Stairs, 2009 or newer, $0- 700k